Full stack JavaScript Developer

  • Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Full stack JavaScript Developer

Job description

Rackner Solutions is a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider and AWS Consulting Partner that builds innovative solutions for enterprises and startups - from cloud-native and hybrid-cloud application development, to enterprise mobility, managed cloud and cutting-edge cloud architecture - including serverless and microservices.

Core Competencies

- Cloud Architecture

- Serverless and Microservices

- Cloud-Native and Hybrid-Cloud development

- Web and Mobile Applications Development

- DevOps and Automation

WORK Can be 100% Remote

Required: US Citizens or Green Card holders

Technical Requirement
Extensive senior level full-stack software development experience with Node.js (2 or more years) with detailed understanding of user interface frameworks, back-end software architecture interactions and node module capabilities.

Two or more years’ experience with JavaScript frameworks/technologies such as React.js, Express.js, MobX, Redux or Flux.js.

Strong development experience with developing RESTful Web Services using Node.js.Comprehensive knowledge of Scrum and Kanban Agile development process and TDD, BDD, ceremonies including scrums, planning events, backlog grooming, retrospectives and demos.

Complex programming, program debugging, data analysis, problem analysis and resolution of issues within open source applications. Strong communication and collaborative skills in providing technical direction and hands-on software development to include design, development and testing.

Expertise in writing complex sql queries in PostgreSQL and optimize queries.Ability to mentor team members on Node.js and React technologies



Desired Skills:
Experience with other JavaScritpt frameworks such as Express, Restify, Hapi, Sails, JOI, and Knex.Javascript experience with ECMAScript2015 (ES6), ECMAScript2016 (ES7) or Babel transpiler.Operating System and Infrastructure experience with Linux. Experience with Testing Tools including Mocha, Chai, Jest, Sinon, Supertest, Enzyme, Instanbul, Selenium, Load Runner, JSLint and Cucumber.Experience with source code versioning and Pull Requests with Git and Stash.

Experience with DevOps processes and implementation.

Experience with environments utilizing Cloud Technologies such as Amazon Web Services.Experience with NGiNX web server

 Core Competencies:

• Customer Service

• Building Relationships

• Business Knowledge / Organizational Acumen

• Self-Motivation/Self Starter

Leading Self and Others